Our story

Our Story

Pure Perception was created by Cyril and Jeremy. Two friends looking to quench their thirst for computers and music.

The main idea was to create innovative computers regarding design as well as possibilities. This is why we use only the best parts, the most exquisite materials and make the finest tweaks and optimizations possible in order to create the perfect balance between compacity, design, power and, most of all, silence.

All our computers are designed, assembled, optimized and tested in our workshop in Paris, France.


Cyril’s passion for computers and an even bigger one for music was born in his early youth when he picked up a violin. He then spent twenty years in music shcool learning to play the Viola, the Piano and eventually electric Guitar and Bass. Meanwhile studying composing and arranging music, he quickly got into recording and producing.

At some point he was looking for a powerful and silent computer. Unable to find anything to his satisfaction he naturally turned to his ol’ buddy Jeremy to help him design one. Pure Perception was born that very day !


Jeremy has worked as a professional IT consultant for nearly 10 years (as of 2016). He is also excessively knowledgeable for all things related to optimization. As such, he developed a wide array of tools and technics to design solutions adapted to various needs.

His adaptability to variable uses and a constant search for quality and optimization allow him to offer a complete understanding of any installation.