Ces artistes nous font confiance

Powerful, accessible,silent…not to mention an A-class support team of passionate musicians ; this computer is a real joy to work with !

Ultra talented drummer, permanent mermber of bands such as Deathcode Society, Dead Season and Desdinova, Grégoire Galichet hops from one project the other and gets involved in every production aspect of all the projects he is a part of. He also records drums at Studio Wingen for every artist that needs it.

With « Mélodie » Grégoire has found the perfect companion to ensure that his everyday needs in the studio are fulfilled whether he his recording, editing or mixing.

Miguel Ruiz

Playing guitar for Saori Jo, Miguel also is an demanding Artistic Director and audio professional. He uses is Mélodie workstation daily in his studio. With Pure Perception, he found the power he needed to work in the best conditions as well as a team available and dedicated to help him with all is audio related questions.

Stéphan Forté

Adagio's virtuoso guitar player trusted Pure Perception to provide him with the tools best suited to his needs when wirting music. Stéphan uses a lot of samples and virtual instruments to write Adagio's music and Mélodie has proven to be the est companion for this.

Jean-Baptiste "JB" Bouchard

Beatmaker, producer, mixing and mastering engineer, JB is a multi talented guy and therefore needs a computer equally capable of jumping from one matter to an other and allowing JB to work on writing and arranging without the performances of his computer being a limiting factor. Thunder Mélodie was just that...and more !


His website

The Facebook group "Secrets de Beatmaker" (Fr)


Vamacara Studio

Located in Clisson, homeland the HellFest festival, the Vamacara Studio has become THE french studio for all the massive wall-of-guitars aficionados. Great names of both Rock and Metal scene trust the Vamacara Studio to enhance their music ; among those one can cite Malkavian, Otargos and Flayed.


Looking for a computer able to adapt to the needs of the studio to allow for an always better workflow and more reliability as well as push their creative boundaries, Vamacara Studio is now equiped with a Mélodie workstation.